What Size Rug For Bedroom Queen Bed

What Size Rug For Bedroom Queen Bed

For many, picking out the perfect rug for their bedroom can seem like a daunting task. Determining what size area rug for the bedroom is best for a queen bed can be difficult. Because there are different sizes and types available. Finding the right size rug for your bedroom is essential. For creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. The right rugs can provide warmth, texture, and visual balance in any room.

How Can You Choose the Right Size Rug For a Queen Bed?

Choosing the right size blanket for a queen bed is important. So that the blanket serves its purpose and looks aesthetically pleasing. The first step is to measure the bed and surrounding area. Add the length and width of the cot per 2 to 3 feet on either side. To determine how big your blanket ought to be, use this reference. If there are nightstands or a dresser, make sure the rug extends beyond them so that it doesn’t look too small in comparison. Think about what kind of material and color you want for your rug. For a busy patterned comforter or wall art, choose a solid-colored rug to balance out the space. Your room is mostly neutral colors, adding patterned or textured rugs can bring some life into the space.

Queen Bed Sizes Can Be Compared to Rug Sizes 

When picking the right kind of blanket for your bedroom. You might encounter problems when picking out one which fits a queen-size cot. A well-placed blanket can add warmth, comfort, and style to your sleeping space. However, getting the wrong size could create an awkward look and feel in your room. That’s why it’s crucial to consider the dimensions of your cot before investing in rugs.

There are several criteria to think about when choosing a shaped queen-size cot, such as size. One solution is to head for 9×12 or 8×10 pitch rugs in the principal paths and close to the mattress. This creates a sense of balance between the furniture pieces and helps anchor them together.

Area Rug SizeExposed Amount on SidesExposure At Foot
4″ x 6″12 in (6 in. on each side)No Exposure
5″ x 7″24 in (12 in. on each side)No Exposure
5″ x 8″36 in (18 in. on each side)No Exposure
6″ x 9″48 in (24 in. on each side)No Exposure
7″ x 10″60 in (30 in. on each side)No Exposure
8″ x 10″60 in (30 in. on each side)10 in.
9″ x 12″84 in (42 in. on each side)22 in.

Another possibility is to furnish a small blanket on either side of the bed to prevent it from moving around all night.

How Can You Choose the Right Size?

Selecting the proper size rug for your bedroom can be complicated when you have a queen bed. A rug is not only meant to enhance the aesthetics of your room but also provide comfort and warmth to your feet on those chilly mornings. The perfectly shaped will ensure that the bed fits comfortably on the carpet, giving you enough space to move around.

The ideal size for rugs under a queen cot would be 8×10 or 9×12 feet. These sizes allow for enough space between the cot and the edge of the carpet, creating a comfortable walking area around it. However, if you have limited floor space or prefer smaller blankets, placing two runners on either side of your cot could work too. This option adds interest while still providing functional use.

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Where Do You Need to Put a Rug in a Bedroom?

The size and shape of a room influence where you should place a blanket. It is typically the best location to put the floor blanket. This allows for an inviting entry into the space and creates a cozy atmosphere. You can also put the rug in front of or beneath furniture larger than a chair or sofa. This will help define seating areas and create visual interest in the space. To make it possible for both beds to be side by side. You should place two area rugs on both sides of the location of each cot. This will tie together both sides of the room and create balance.

Sizes of Rugs For a Queen-Shaped Bed 

One option is to choose a size rug for your bedroom that falls below the queen bed. It creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom. It feels more comfortable and stylish. A good rule of thumb is to choose rugs shaped between 8 and ten feet if you want them to fill in the cot’s footboard.

The shape of your bedroom should be considered when selecting a blanket shape. A larger blanket may not fit comfortably in smaller rooms, so aim for one that strikes a balance between style and practicality.

4 x 6 Rug is Under the Queen-Size Bed 

For a smaller bedroom or limited floor space 4 x 6 rugs can be the perfect size to fit under your queen-size cot without overwhelming the room. Additionally, placing a smaller blanket under your cot can create a cozy and intimate feel in your sleeping space. 

5×7 Rug is Under the Queen-Size Bed 

One of the benefits of the 5×7 area rugs placed below your queen bed is that it helps give the impression of more room in your room. By placing a smaller blanket beneath your bed frame, you can make the area feel less cluttered and more open. Additionally, using 5×7 rugs allows you to showcase other decorative elements in your bedroom. While still providing comfortable padding for your feet when getting out of the cot.

5×8  Rug is Under the Queen-Size Bed 

The 5×8 rugs are a great choice for under a queen-size cot because it provides enough coverage without overwhelming the space. The rug will sit comfortably beneath the foot of the bed and extend out on either side by about two feet. This creates an aesthetically pleasing balance between the furniture and floor covering.

6×9  Rug is Under the Queen-Size Bed 

You need to measure your room and factor in any furniture you plan on placing on top of the rug. 6×9 rugs are a popular choice for bedrooms as it allows enough space for bedside tables and other furnishings. Consider how much of the floor you want to cover with the rugs. If you have hardwood or tile floors, you may want more coverage for warmth and comfort underfoot.

7×10  Rug is Under the Queen-Size Bed 

Having a properly sized rug in your bedroom can create a comfortable and cohesive atmosphere. Well-placed area rugs can tie together all of the elements in your room, from bedding to wall decor. Additionally, 7×10 area rugs can serve as an anchor point for your queen-sized cot. It gives a defined space within the room.

8×10  Rug is Under the Queen-Size Bed 

8×10 rugs provide ample coverage for the area under your queen-sized bed without overwhelming the room with too much fabric. Additionally, 8×10 rugs will allow you to create a cozy seating area. At the foot of your bed or incorporate other furniture pieces like nightstands or dressers without creating clutter in your room.

9×12  Rug is Under the Queen-Size Bed 

When choosing a 9×12 rug for your bedroom, ensure that it extends around 2-3 feet beyond each side of the cot. This not only provides ample space for stepping out of the cot but also adds warmth and texture to your room decor. Additionally, make sure that your chosen rugs fit into your existing decor scheme. Complements other elements such as bedding, curtains, and wall color.

This Area Rug Size is Greater Than 9×12

When it comes to choosing an area blanket for your bedroom, size is key. One size option that works well in larger bedrooms is a blanket that measures greater than 9×12.

This shape allows for the entire cot to fit comfortably on top of the blanket with plenty of extra space around it. It also creates a defined area for your cot within the room, which can be visually appealing and help anchor the space. Choosing a neutral or muted pattern for your larger area blanket will allow you to play with bolder patterns and colors in other elements of your bedroom décor.

Queen Bed Cushion Dimensions

Let’s talk about standard queen bed cushion dimensions. A typical queen-sized mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. As such, most manufacturers design their cushions to fit this standard sizing. A standard queen bed cushion should measure around 20 x 30 inches each (or 50 x 76 cm), with two cushions typically used for a single person’s bed and four cushions for a couple’s or larger-sized bed.

Queen-Sized Rug Sizes For Queen Bed

Area Rug SizeBedroom Size# of NightstandsRugs Placement
4″ x 6″Large 2Beneath
5″ x 7″Small0-2Front
5″ x 8″Small0-2Front
6″ x 9″Standard2Front
7″ x 10″Standard2Front
8″ x 10″Large2Either
9″ x 12″Large2Beneath

*Note: Refers to placement of rugs according to the nightstand or bedside table in front or below.

Final Thoughts

It is important to consider the size of a rug when choosing one for a bedroom with a queen bed. The right-sized blanket can make a room look larger and anchor the furniture in place while providing comfort and style. A 9’ x 12’ or 8′ x 10′ rugs work best, but if space allows, you can go even bigger. Consider adding multiple smaller blankets to fill in an area that’s too large for one big blanket.

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