Emerald Green And Gold Bedroom Ideas

Emerald Green And Gold Bedroom Ideas

Create a luxurious and inviting bedroom with emerald green and gold. This color combination is bold and dramatic, making it the perfect choice for a standout bedroom design. From wall paint to furniture and accessories. There are plenty of options to consider when decorating a ruby green and gold bedroom. Whether you want something classic and timeless or something more modern, these emerald green and gold bedroom ideas provide plenty of inspiration.

1. It’s on the Spectrum 

Looking for something bold, consider the Emerald Green and Gold combination. This eye-catching look is on the spectrum of fashion trends that are sure to add style and sophistication to any room. 

The ruby green color offers an opportunity for a luxurious statement in the bedroom, creating a rich backdrop against which gold accents can stand out. You can use green as an overall wall color or add pops of it through furniture pieces and accessories, such as lamps and art pieces. To bring in the golden hues, you could opt for bronze elements or even metallic furniture pieces like brass beds or nightstands with gold handles.

2. Include Darker Tones of Green to Add Depth 

Incorporating darker tones of green into a bedroom can transform it from ordinary to extraordinary. When combined with gold accents, this color combination creates an inviting atmosphere in the bedroom.

To achieve this luxurious look, begin by painting the walls an emerald green hue. This will anchor the entire space and create an impactful first impression. From there, blend subtle hints of gold throughout the room. Add warmth and texture to furniture pieces like nightstands or bed frames, as well as accessories like lamps or rugs. Balance these two colors with neutrals like white trim or beige furnishings to complete the look.

3. Use a Dual Tone 

A dual-tone emerald and gold can create an inviting yet elegant space in any bedroom. Perfect for creating the atmosphere of relaxation you’re looking for in your bedroom. 

The emerald green adds a bit of drama and glamour to the bedroom while still providing calming undertones. Gold accents add a touch of sophistication, making this combination ideal for those looking for something more upscale than what traditional neutrals offer. Whether you choose to use both colors as wall paint or just accents, adding touches of both will instantly bring life into your room. 

Create an eye-catching focal point in your bedroom or add depth to your space with emerald green and gold curtains. Try painting an accent wall with any of these colors.

4. Contemporary Green Meets Emerald 

Contemporary green meets emerald in this stunning bedroom makeover. Emerald green and gold accents create a modern yet classic atmosphere that’s perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their space. With a few simple changes, this room has its unique style that can be both luxe and inviting. 

The walls are painted in a ruby green hue with gold wallpaper applied as an accent wall; this combination works together to bring a burst of color into the design. The beauty of the color palette is further enhanced by the choice of furniture; a white tufted bed with golden accents, combined with velvet pillows in shades of aqua, gives it an elegant air. To add some texture and warmth to the space, layers of textiles have been used throughout the room – from soft rugs to velvety curtains – giving it a cozy feel without losing its luxurious appeal.

5. Juxtapose Color Combinations to Define a Reading Nook 

The perfect reading nook should be a place of peace, comfort, and relaxation. Create an inviting atmosphere using the bold color combination of ruby green and gold to create a luxurious reading space. This dynamic duo is sure to draw attention to your bedroom while providing a tranquil environment for you to enjoy your favorite reads. 

Strive for balance when juxtaposing these two colors by evenly distributing them throughout the room. Incorporate ruby green walls with golden accents like bed throw pillows for a cohesive look that’s easy on the eyes. Or opt for more dramatic statement pieces like an emerald green armchair with gold upholstery detail to truly stand out from the crowd. Add subtle touches of white, gray, and furniture pieces to complete this warm and inviting palette.

6. Create Contrast Between Different Items 

Incorporating the contrast between ruby green and gold into your bedroom decor can create a captivating, eye-catching look that will surely be the talk of any dinner party. Emerald green is a deep, almost teal color – its calming yet vivid hue easily stands out when paired with gold’s warm tones. This color combination can bring out the best in both hues, making it ideal for creating an unforgettable bedroom style. 

When using this bold palette, start with one standout piece as your main focus. A bedspread or accent wall featuring ruby green and gold are great starting points for designing an inviting space. From there, you can layer on complementary colors such as white and cream to create a more cohesive look.

7. Emerald White And Mustard Combo!

Try combining emerald green and gold! This color combination will give your space an eye-catching, sophisticated vibe. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist look or something bolder, the emerald white and mustard combo is sure to make your room stand out.

This unique color palette allows you to create various moods in your space. Use clean lines and neutral accents with hints of ruby green to bring out the classic side of this decor. For a more contemporary twist, add pops of mustard yellow combined with subtle accents of gold for an unforgettable look. By using these colors together, you’ll be able to create a luxurious atmosphere in any room. Plus, it won’t take much effort or cost to achieve this incredible style!

8. Build an Artificial Plant Wall for Adding Life and Visual Interest 

Adding life and visual interest to an emerald green and gold bedroom is easier than ever with the design trend of artificial plant walls. Whether you’re looking to incorporate natural elements without adding dirt or replacing real plants every few weeks, artificial plant walls are a great option. An artificial plant wall offers endless possibilities when it comes to transforming a simple bedroom into something extraordinary! With lush greenery tucked away behind interesting frames or panels made from wood or metal, this design element adds an elegant touch of beauty that will draw the eye immediately.

9. Strive to Embrace Texture 

For those looking to embrace texture in home design, an emerald green and gold bedroom is the perfect place to start. This bold color combination allows for plenty of room for creative exploration and can even be tailored to fit any style or decor preference. 

From velvet curtains to sunburst mirrors, this look provides ample opportunity for layering various textures into one complete look. Adding a cozy rug will accomplish two goals – bringing in added warmth and adding another layer of texture underfoot. Upholstered furniture pieces such as headboards and armchairs are great options when looking to bring more depth into the bedroom while maintaining a soft yet inviting feel.

10. Create a Feature Wall Using Botanical Wallpaper 

Looking to make a statement in your bedroom, use botanical wallpaper. There is no better way than to create a feature wall. A feature wall can transform the entire look and feel of a room. Creating an instantly stylish and eye-catching atmosphere. 

A ruby green and aurum bedroom is a bold and luxurious choice for any home! Botanical wallpaper with its beautiful floral designs and natural colors is perfect for creating this style of bedroom. You can use botanical wallpaper in various ways. From subtle muted tones that bring out the woods in furniture, to vibrant colors that make any space stand out. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with botanical wallpaper. Whether you opt for bold designs, they will be sure to add life and character to the room.

11. Calming a Child’s Bedroom is Rarely an Easy Task 

Creating a calming bedroom for children is rarely an easy task. It requires the right balance of color, texture, and accessories to create a space that encourages relaxation and inspires creativity. This ruby green and gold bedroom brings together these key elements to achieve this goal. The deep ruby green walls provide an inviting atmosphere for your child, while the gold accents offer a luxurious touch that will linger long into their teenage years. The combination of these two colors creates an elegant yet comfortable place for your kid’s bedtime stories, daydreams, or simply quiet time spent alone with their thoughts. Together with plush rugs and pillows in complementary shades, plus artwork depicting nature scenes to fill the walls. This room provides everything needed for winding down at night and starting each day feeling relaxed and content.

12. Select the Rollover Statement Wallpaper 

One of the most popular design trends today is the ruby green and gold bedroom, a classic look that can easily be achieved with the right statement wallpapers. 

When it comes to selecting wallpaper for a ruby green and aurum bedroom, it’s important to consider texture, color, scale, pattern, and installation options. For example, a bold patterned wallpaper or textured grasscloth will create contrast with the existing decor while adding depth to the room. Colorful floral prints with metallic accents create an elegant yet modern aesthetic. If you’re looking for something less permanent than paint or wallpaper, consider removable vinyl decals that feature repeating patterns in subtle shades of green and gold.

13. Achieve a Taller Room with White Interior Blocking 

Looking to make a statement in your Emerald Green and Gold Bedroom, then white interior blocking is the perfect way to achieve a taller room. This design trick creates interest while creating the illusion of space by highlighting walls and ceilings. The use of ruby green and gold color combinations is great for adding drama and sophistication to any bedroom.

White interior blocking can be done using either horizontal or vertical lines painted on walls, trim, or doors. The addition of gold accents such as wall art, rugs, or curtains can add texture and warmth that draw attention away from the lines. Adding ruby-green velvet pillows or bedding will create contrast against the white walls making the space appear larger than it is.

14. Emerald Greens Add More Detail to That Rich Accent 

Adding a rich accent to your bedroom is easier than ever with the new trend of ruby green and gold. This luxurious color palette will transform any space into a timeless oasis. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, this combination of colors has countless options to fit any style. 

The deep tones of ruby green are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom while adding touches of gold helps bring out its true beauty. The vibrant shade stands out against classic white walls and works well with natural wood pieces too. To complete the look, add some textured fabrics like velvet and tufted pillows for added comfort and texture. If you’re feeling daring, incorporate an eye-catching mural to make your space truly unique.

15. Choose Fixtures That are Easy to Staple 

From bold colors to intricate designs, there is no shortage of ideas for creating the perfect space. Looking for an elegant and timeless look, consider using ruby green and gold fixtures in your bedroom.

When it comes to choosing fixtures that are easy to staple with this color combination, think about furnishings that have both ruby green and gold elements. For example, consider a velvet ruby green headboard accented with gold legs or knobs. Or add some sparkle with an ornate mirror frame featuring both colors.

16. Pair Emerald Green with Black and Gold for a Contemporary Look 

Emerald green and black with gold accents makes for a stunning contemporary look in any bedroom. By opting for this trendsetting palette, you can easily transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat. 

Create an eye-catching focal point by using emerald green as the primary color and introducing touches of black and gold into the space. Start by painting your walls a deep shade of ruby green to bring life to the room. Then use black furniture pieces like nightstands or dressers as accents against the bold hue. For added glamour, incorporate metallic gold details such as bedroom sets, pillows, curtains, or artwork to give your room depth and texture. 

Finally, complement these colors with natural wood furnishings or white accents for balance and contrast.

17. The Falsifying of Facts Produces Green Distortions 

One such risk is the use of emerald green and gold together in a bedroom. While this combination can create an opulent and luxurious look, it can also easily be taken too far and lead to false facts being presented.

The falsifying of facts when using this color scheme creates a distortion known as ‘greenwashing’. This term means that certain colors are used excessively to create a fantasy. It distorts reality and presents false information about how these colors should be used together. 

For example, if you paint all four walls in your bedroom deep ruby green, then adding furniture or accessories with a gold accent may not be accurate because these colors would clash drastically in real life.

18. Attempt to Experiment with Paint Effects 

One such attempt is the fusion of emerald green and gold for a bedroom. By mixing these two colors, homeowners can create a sophisticated, elegant look that adds a touch of luxury to their space. 

The key is to find a balance between the bold, dramatic hue of ruby green and the soft warmth of gold. A hint of emerald in an accent wall or bedding can be offset by gold details like pillows, lamps, frames, and tableware. To take it up another notch, use textures like faux fur or velvet in addition to metallic accents like brass hardware pieces or mirrored surfaces. These will exude sophistication while adding visual depth to your bedroom design scheme.

19. Set Up a Bluish Wall Using a Green Backdrop 

Looking to create a beautiful wall feature in your emerald green and gold bedroom, setting up a bluish wall is the perfect way to do it. Whether you want something abstract and creative or more subtle and traditional. This design choice can give your space an eye-catching touch while also seamlessly blending with the color palette of your home. 

To begin, start by scouting around for wallpaper or paint that has shades of blue that will work best with the green backdrop. If you want to go for something more modern, opt for sleek lines and geometric shapes in muted blues. For a classic look, choose floral patterns or stripes in deeper navy tones. 

Additionally, need an extra pop of color, try adding some gold elements like framed art pieces or glittery materials as an accent on top of the walls.

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20. Emerald Green with a Post-Industrial Vibe 

This emerald green and gold bedroom is a modern take on the industrial-chic style. The dark ruby green walls provide an edgy backdrop, while the gold accents add a sophisticated touch.

The key to pulling off this post-industrial design aesthetic is all in the details. A sleek metal bed frame complements the room’s color palette perfectly and adds a timeless quality. Accent pieces like geometric patterned pillows further emphasize the contemporary vibe, while plush rugs help to ground it all with a sense of comfort and warmth. To top it off, carefully placed lighting fixtures can create just the right ambiance for evenings spent relaxing in this stylish space.

21. Select Bold Bedding for Your Bedroom 

Creating a bold and luxurious bedroom can be achieved with minimal effort when you select ruby green and gold bedding. While this color combination might sound intimidating at first, incorporating it into your design choices is easier than ever before. With the right accessories and furniture pieces to bring out the best of these colors, you can create a fantastic look for your master suite or guestroom. 

Start by selecting ruby green sheets with a subtle gold pattern. Look for fabric that features small flecks of metallic color for an airy feel that won’t overpower the other elements in your room. A duvet cover or quilt featuring paisley prints in both colors is also an excellent way to tie it all together while adding texture and interest to the bed itself.

22. Paint One Surface Green to Create a Focal Point 

Looking to give your bedroom a modern and stylish update, consider painting one wall ruby green. By opting for this bold, yet classic color, you can create an eye-catching focal point that will instantly transform the look of the room. Emerald green is the perfect hue to add an element of sophistication and luxury to any bedroom. 

When incorporating ruby green into your bedroom design, choose gold accents as complementary pieces. Gold brings warmth and glamour to the space while elevating its level of sophistication. Consider adding metallic gold lamps or a gilded mirror above your bed for extra sparkle. Balance out these touches with cozy textures such as velvet pillows or a tufted headboard for an inviting atmosphere in your ruby green and aurum bedroom.

23. Taking a Path with Minimal Resistance 

Emerald green and gold bedroom designs have become increasingly popular in recent years. As more and more homeowners are looking to make a statement while creating an elegant atmosphere. Taking the path with minimal resistance when it comes to decorating your bedroom can be easy when you focus on these two colors.

Bringing ruby green and gold together is surprisingly simple: 

Start by painting the walls a soft, muted shade of ruby green. This will provide the base for all of your other furniture pieces and decorations. Choose gold bedding, curtains, lighting fixtures, and small accent pieces like vases to add subtle accents of gold throughout. By sticking with just these two colors. You’ll create an eye-catching look that‘s sure to impress anyone who enters your room.

24. Divide an Area Into Zones 

Creating a visually appealing Emerald Green and Gold bedroom is an easy task take the time to divide the room into zones. Zoning allows for more efficient use of space, which can help to create balance in a room.

For this Ruby Green and Gold bedroom, you will want to ensure that your focus areas are on either side of the room. Leaving enough space between them to allow for movement between zones. Create one zone focused on rest by setting up a cozy bed with ruby green bedding against a wall. This provides an area dedicated to sleeping around in comfort while also maintaining order and serenity in the room. Add some accent pieces such as gold lamps or mirrors next to the bed for added glamour and shine!

25. You Can Use it Even in Tiny Bedrooms 

Emerald green and gold bedrooms can be a fantastic way to create a luxurious atmosphere in your bedroom, even if the space is on the smaller side. This unique color combination will instantly make any small bedroom feel bigger and brighter. While also providing a sense of sophistication.

When decorating with ruby green and gold, it’s important to keep in mind the overall style of your bedroom. For something more modern, incorporate geometric shapes into your decor with wall art or furniture pieces. For those wanting something more traditional, try using velvet fabrics or adding subtle touches of brass throughout the room.

26. Keep in Mind That Nature is Timeless 

The timeless beauty of nature is often underrated. An emerald green and gold bedroom design can be the perfect way to invoke this feeling in your home. 

Using various shades of green along with warm gold accents can create an atmosphere that evokes tranquility and relaxation. For example, opt for lush emerald velvet curtains hung from delicate golden rods or choose a light minty green wall color that’s accented by gilded mirrors or lamps. Incorporate touches of texture by layering on cozy throws in rich greens along with adding different geometric shapes in a golden hue as accessories throughout the room.

27. Include Nuanced Accents 

For the ruby green and gold bedroom, the best accents you can use. Some of them bring a splash of color and add a touch of luxury. 

From wall art featuring metallic frames to plush velvet cushions, there are plenty of ways to use ruby green and gold accents to create an inviting space. Adding patterned linens with hints of gold or deep greens will add texture and visual interest while creating a cozy atmosphere perfect for restful sleep. For those who want an even more dramatic effect, bejeweled light fixtures or colorful wallpapers can take any bedroom from drab to luxurious in no time.

28. Borrow a Gradient From Light to Dark to Uplift the Space 

Adding a gradient to a ruby green and gold bedroom is an easy yet effective way to create an uplifting living space. Gradients can be used in various ways, from wall color gradations to combining different textiles for subtle variations in color shading. 

Start by selecting two hues that you feel best complement one another – try experimenting with lighter or darker tones until you’re happy with the result. To keep things fresh, opt for a light ruby green shade for the walls and add texture with a more vibrant golden wallpaper for one feature wall.

29. Experiment and Be Creative with Color 

Creating a stunning bedroom with Emerald Green and Gold is an exciting undertaking. Brimming with rich texture and vibrant colors, this look will bring a sense of luxury to your space. Whether you’re looking for a modern twist on traditional design or something more sophisticated. You can use ruby green and gold to create the perfect bedroom. 

The key to creating a Ruby Green and Gold bedroom is experimenting with different textures, shapes, and colors to find the perfect combination that works for your space. To get started, consider using light shades of ruby green as your base color. This creates a classic look that feels both fresh and timeless. Bring in pops of gold throughout the room through accessories like throw pillows and art to complete the look. You can also add statement pieces such as velvet curtains and rugs to create added depth while still keeping it looking cohesive.


An emerald green and gold bedroom can provide a tranquil yet energizing space to relax, recharge, and take in the luxe vibes. With the right design elements, you can create a glamorous oasis that is unique to you. Select pieces that fit With both colors and add subtle accent pieces for even more interest. Incorporating both dark and light shades of ruby green and gold will ensure your bedroom looks balanced and inviting. Don’t forget to layer textures as well!

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