Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

Trash cans have largely become a necessity in our lives. But when it comes to placing one in your bedroom. You might be unsure of the best option to choose. After all, you want something that works well but also looks aesthetically pleasing in your space. Fortunately, there is plenty of bedroom trash can ideas to choose from that will fulfill both needs! From creative DIYs to sleek and modern bins, you’ll find the perfect option for your bedroom.

1. Benefits of Trash Can

Benefits of Trash Can

The bedroom trash can is an essential item in any home. It not only helps you keep your bedroom tidy and organized. 

Here are some of the advantages of having a dedicated bedroom trash can: 

  • Having a designated place for waste ensures that it is properly disposed of. This means that items like food scraps and other organic materials don’t linger around your room. Which helps reduce odors and clutter. 
  • Using a trash can in your bedroom makes recycling easier by allowing you to separate different types of waste into separate receptacles for proper disposal.

2. Repurpose a Plastic Container

Repurpose a Plastic Container in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

Many people don’t consider the possibilities of how a plastic container Can be transformed into something useful. One great example of this is a simple bedroom trash can. With just a few materials, you can turn an old plastic container into an attractive and functional rubbish receptacle for your bedroom.

This project requires minimal supplies, including paint or fabric, glue, scissors, and any other decorations you would like to use. Begin by selecting the style of your bedroom trash can. Once you have chosen the design, it’s time to start repurposing the plastic container!

3. DIY Trash Can Storage Solution

DIY Trash Can Storage Solution in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

‘DIY Trash Can Storage Solution’: Bedroom trash can ideas don’t have to be mundane and boring. With a few simple tools, materials, and some creativity, you can create a stylish and creative way to store your bedroom garbage cans.

This DIY storage solution is easy-to-make and the perfect way to keep your trash cans hidden away attractively. You’ll need wooden boards, fabric or wallpaper of your choice, metal brackets to hang the boards together, and a hammer for installation. Begin by measuring the area where you would like to hang your board(s). Cut the panel (s) according to these measurements using a saw or jigsaw. Attach fabric or wallpaper with glue or nails. so that it wraps securely around each board.

4. Creative Hanging Solutions

Creative Hanging Solutions in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

The bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to organizing and finding creative storage solutions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find clever ways to hide unsightly items. These containers are often bulky and unattractive. So finding creative hanging solutions for them can help keep your room looking neat and tidy. 

If you’re looking for an easy solution, consider investing in an over-the-door hook or purse hanger. This type of hook hangs over any standard door and has several hooks that allow you to hang up anything from purses to coats too – yes – even your bedroom garbage can.

5. White Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet 

White Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

If you’re looking for bedroom trash can ideas, consider adding a white tilt-out garbage can cabinet to your room. The white finish will help tie the piece in with your room’s existing color scheme and decor. While providing you with an easily accessible receptacle for waste.

The tilt-out design allows you to easily dispose of household items quickly and conveniently. The doors feature easy-to-use handles that make it easy to open the cabinet when needed and close it again when finished. 

Additionally, the cabinet is designed With a removable liner. So you can empty the contents quickly and keep things tidy inside.

6. Multi-Purpose Cans

Multi-Purpose Cans in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

Multi-Purpose Cans are an essential element for any bedroom and can improve the organization and cleanliness of a space. A multi-purpose trash can is especially helpful for smaller bedrooms due to its versatility. 

Bedroom Trash Cans come in various forms such as swing lids or foot-operated models so that users have maximum convenience when disposing of their waste. These cans are designed with stylish finishes that will fit seamlessly into any interior design scheme while also containing odors effectively. 

Additionally, many modern cans feature soft close technology so that they always close smoothly without making noise or creating disruption in the room.

7. Space-Saving Options

Space-Saving Options in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

When it comes to bedroom decor, trash cans often get overlooked. But having an attractive and functional waste bin is essential in any room. Fortunately, there are plenty of space-saving options when it comes to bedroom trash can ideas. 

In small bedrooms or apartments with limited floor space, wall-mounted garbage cans are a great choice. These stylish containers feature a sleek design that makes them look like they’re part of the wall instead of taking up floor space. For larger bedrooms, an under-bed storage container is perfect for keeping your garbage out of sight but easily accessible when needed. If you have a traditional garbage can. So look for one with an open lid. So that you don’t have to open the whole top every time you throw something away.

8. Designated Lidless Bins

Designated Lidless Bins

The bedroom is often the most private space in a home and creating an attractive yet functional decor Can be challenging. Having a designated rubbish bin helps to keep the room neat, tidy, and hygienic. Lidless bins are becoming increasingly popular due to their sleek design, convenience, and sanitary benefits. 

A lidless bin offers an aesthetically pleasing option for keeping your bedroom free from mess and odors. They take up minimal space, so you Can easily fit one into any bedroom size. Most lidless bins come in neutral colors so they blend into the background of any décor style. Making them unobtrusive but still efficient when it comes to collecting your waste Materials. The ability to easily clean these bins With a damp cloth also makes them extremely hygienic for continued use.

9. Garbage Wheel Can 

Garbage Wheel Can

It’s no secret that the bedroom can be one of the most challenging places to keep clean and organized. One way to make it easier is by investing in a stylish garbage wheel can.

Garbage wheel cans are designed with a rotating lid that makes tossing out rubbish easy and efficient. When you open the lid, all of the items inside will move down into the bin below making sure everything stays hidden and contained. This type of garbage can is perfect for those who don’t want their bedroom looking cluttered or dirty. Furthermore, they come in various materials so you can choose something that best matches your existing furniture or color scheme.

10. Resurrected Table Paper Trash Cabinet 

Resurrected Table Paper Trash Cabinet

The bedroom trash can has come back with a vengeance! If you’re looking for a unique, stylish way to manage your paper and other waste without taking up space. The Resurrected Table paper rubbish cabinet is here to help. This sleek, modern cabinet hides away all of your small items, including bathroom and bedroom garbage cans. The design allows for easy access and keeps your space neat.

Its spacious interior offers plenty of space for all kinds of waste items. While its exterior has an attractive wood grain finish. Which will complement any decorating style. Plus, it comes with a shelf on top for extra storage or organization needs.

11. Paint the Trash Can Using Paint 

Paint the Trash Can Using Paint in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

When it comes to bedroom trash can ideas, why not go for something a little more interesting than the average plastic or metal bin? 

With minimal supplies and some creativity, you can quickly transform an ordinary trash can into something special that complements your room’s style. 

Once dry, use painter’s tape along any edges where two colors will meet, or a design needs to be blocked off. You will want to make sure that all of the tape lines are straight for a nice finished look. When selecting paint colors, consider choosing shades that match your existing bedding set or wall color to better tie the piece into other aspects of your room’s décor.

12. Cozy Trash Cabinet 

Cozy Trash Cabinet  in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

A cozy trash cabinet is a perfect addition to any bedroom. This stylish and convenient piece of furniture offers an easy way to organize your rubbish while keeping it hidden from view. The handsome cabinet comes with a top lid that opens up to reveal a large interior space, perfect for storing a standard-sized bedroom trash can. With its solid construction and sleek design, this cozy trash cabinet adds both function and style to any bedroom decor. 

The exterior of the piece features subtle detailing that allows it to blend seamlessly into almost any setting or color palette. Customizable options like finish, hardware style, and door overlays let you make this classic storage piece uniquely yours.

13. Stuff Woven Trash Can

Stuff Woven Trash Can in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

If you’re looking for bedroom garbage can ideas, the Stuff Woven Trash Can is a great option. It is both stylish and functional, combining modern design with convenience. This unique trash can has an incredibly sturdy frame made of natural cane and abaca fibers – making it both durable and sustainable. The lid easily flips open with one hand to reveal a convenient spot for you to throw away your garbage.

The Stuff Woven Trash Can adds a touch of style to any bedroom. While still providing the necessary functionality of storing your waste. Its neutral color makes it easy to integrate into any decor, from modern minimalism to more traditional design elements. With its deep capacity and leak-proof lining, this container will help keep your room looking neat for years to come. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it easy to move whenever needed!

14. Chevron Trash Bin 

Chevron Trash Bin in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

A Chevron Trash Bin is the perfect addition to any bedroom. This stylish, chic trash can adds a subtle pop of color and pattern to the room. While still serving its original purpose – providing an easy way to dispose of your unwanted items.

The Chevron rubbish Bin comes in a variety of sizes and colors so you can easily find one that matches your room’s decor. With its sleek lines and modern design, this bin blends seamlessly into any space without clashing with existing furnishings. If it’s for a kid’s room, you can customize the bin with their favorite letters or designs. So that it is more fun and inviting!

15. Making a Vintage Style Trash Can

Making a Vintage Style Trash Can in Bedroom Trash Can Ideas

Making a vintage-style trash Can for the bedroom will provide chic ways to dispose of unwanted items. 

For starters, you’ll need a metal trash can with some kind of design. This Could be anything from an antique look to something more modern. To create the vintage look, choose one with some sort of detail like raised designs or scrollwork. Once you have your metal trash can, it’s time to add paint and/or decoupage papers for texture and color. A coat of primer should be applied first before adding either spray paint or acrylic paint for the desired effect.


There are endless ideas for bedroom trash cans. Which will bring style and convenience to your space. From contemporary stainless steel designs to vintage-style wicker baskets, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.  If you’re looking for a container to conceal waste or a decorative piece that adds character. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to bedroom garbage can ideas.

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